From starting Mickey and Minnie Mitts, the most-watched and famous character among both children as well as adults with some fascinating and joyful many other characters besides. If you think to redesign your kitchen with some Disney characters, you should try this Disney animated Kitchenware.

With Disney Kitchenware gift ideas 2021 online, we will try to remind you of your childhood memories, and your friends, with whom you watched your favorite characters. We also offer mickey mouse salt and pepper grinder set online. Shop for mickey mouse kitchen accessories online after review.

I am sure that these happy Disney characters will replace your baby toys, and some of your kitchenware, having all the interesting and evergreen characters.

No need to precaution, hence all the Disney Kitchen Ware are hazard free and we do a critical review to provide you and your baby health with handy items.

1. Mickey and Minnie Sketch Oven Mitts

Mickey and Minnie, Sketch Oven Mitts is a one-pair item that would help you in your daily cooking and handling. Here are some reasons why you should have Mickey and Minnie Sketch Mitts, in your Kitchen.

Why this?

All-day long we need something to hold a hot oven tray or frying pan, but the mitts we use, have a dull look, seems dirty more than it has, so why not this beautiful, colored mitts, which have an attractive, decorative and clean look, add some beauty to your hands and your kitchen.

You can gift this to your lovely partner or pretty daughter, who spent more time in the kitchen to give you some pleasure with her new experience food recipe. It’s time to enchant her, it’s time to show some love. While you can choose a complete Bridal collection.


  • With a hanging loop, easy to fix.
  • Neoprene Gripping texture, ability to resist up to 400F of heat.
  • 100 % polyester, medium size.
  • Good reviews by the customers.

2. Mickey Mouse Salad Plate

We found a Mickey Mouse Salad Plate, perfect for the birthday of your beloved ones. There are a lot of things you can serve in it, but if you serve a birthday cake in this piece of art, this is the piece which every child wants to have while celebrating his/her birthday.

Why this?

There are a lot of benefits of having this, as you can use it for Salad, Birthday cake or omelet.  We like the mickey drawing upon it, by placing it on the table adds a more catchy look to the table than other normal plates. There is a little chance of cracking, and most interestingly, the manufacturer provides 3 years of warranty.

In this article, We try our best to ensure some handy product like Mickey mouse Salad Plate, Which is light, easy to carry, perfect for children and females. There is no need to buy heavy plates, which crack easily.


  • This item is hard to crack and resist being porous.
  • Light easy to handle for both kids and females.
  • Microwave safe
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Made in New York
  • Small in size, then other usual plates.

3. Disney Forks

Disney Forks, a shining look, and stainless features made our list. It is going to be one of the favorites gifts ever for your baby girl/boy. Your baby will show more affection toward it, rather than other available forks in the market, Have a look at Disney Forks.

Disney forks are light in weight and specially made of stainless steel to stay for a long time, and you can keep them as a memory.

Why this?

Small children and babies pick up the large fork and spoon, which seem hazardous for cute babies. Add stainless steel fork, to the list of your child toys, which can be used for their feed, small in size, love to use, and germ-free to protect your baby from allergy and bacterial infection.


  • Best for kids and Disney lover
  • Stainless steel 
  • 5-star review
  • Shining and cute looking
  • Made with love by Disney resort, original Disney theme.

4. Mickey Mouse Popcorn Popper

Let’s enjoy the weekend with Child Toys, a Popcorn popper, which pops exactly as the big popper does, the only difference is in size.

Easy to operate, there is no rocket scene, and the young child could operate with a simple instruction from Mom or Dad, perfectly made for the small family, who want to spend time together. Popcorn popper is under $50, a few bucks are not more than your love.

Why this?

The market is full of many Popcorn makers, but it has a complete set of three pieces as Popcorn popper, toaster, waffle maker, a set for your young daughter if she has a crush, and love for Mickey. 

This Kitchenware is going to be a part of your lovely kitchen with a colored illustration of Mickey, as perfect as we have seen on screen.


  • Covered with plastic, zero chance of shock.
  • Pop up to 6 cups of corn easily.
  • Free kernel and corn scoop are inside.
  • Transparent glass to see the popping scene.

5. Electric Kettle

We are setting up your kitchen with a low-budget gadget, worthy and conveniently used in both in-office kitchens and home kitchens.

An electric kettle is now a part of every kitchen, and without it, we feel something important is missing.

Why this?

The most adorable images of Mickey in Minnie, stand out from millions of other products and become part of our list. In today’s world, people always admire looks, and this is the exact match for the fan of the cartoon’s viewer. This kettle will save your time and will prepare your tea, boil eggs within a few seconds which takes longer on the Gas kettle.

There is no change in taste, you will get the same flavor as gas or stove kettles, there is a low chance of electric shock while having this in your kitchen.

Always choose a polypropylene kettle, it reduces the electricity cost and can save you and your family from burning.


  • Size/7×4.1×7.9 inches, Plug Cord 3.6feet
  • Lightweight, 1.23lbs.
  • Made up of polypropylene.
  • Power consumption up to 660W.
  • 1-year warranty.

6. Enesco Cookie Jar

Enesco cookie jar is a ceramic showpiece, you should add to your kitchen table, you can put snacks inside, set back, and enjoy your weekend. The dog illustration is the best match to suit the jar and adjoin a touch of Disneyland to your table.

Why this?

The dog illustrated on the jar is just amazing with white background, the dog lover should never miss this. The jar is small in size, made up of pure ceramics, and a perfect match for your cooking table, you should have a set to put extra stuff like salt, sugar, and some ayurvedic tonic.

The knob at the top makes it different from the knob-free jar, and the classic design is the favorite of everyone. There are many benefits of a jar in the kitchen or in a room, where you can place your school material, put snacks, and pour water. It depends on you, what you want to add, you can, even as hot as coffee, and cold as ice.


  • A fascinating illustration of Disney’s character.
  • Handcrafted with a pure ceramic resist to vanish color out.
  • No damage or change in color occurs by washing.
  • Small size, easy to hold.

7. Mouse Silicone Food Turner

Looking for a food turner, crafted with some unique character, cherished and light in weight like Mouse silicone food turner, a pure silicone food turner, which never rusts and rests for a long time in your kitchen.

We spend more time on our health by choosing goods that suit our health, keep us active and sharp. The only way to find health is by choosing a hazard-free item. The whole scenario is caring for others as well as yourself, present this to your close ones.

Why this?

Research said steel products weed out while turning food or making chicken in the home. So how to avoid it? Simply choose silicon Kitchenware, composed of Silicon, more organic than steel, does not separate easily, and it’s healthy for the digestive system.

If possible use wooden and silicone utensils for your cooking to stay healthy, the food does a low impact and for a while, but the separation of some element from steel may injure your stomach, severe as an ulcer.


  • Licensed with love
  • Made up of silicone, it resists melting.
  • Free Mickey Mouse illustration.
  • Do not wash on a HarshPet stainless utensil washer.
  • Can be used for a burger, sandwich, paratha roll.

8. GEEKHOM Wooden Spoons

If you care about the health of your favorite persons, you should gift this kitchenware,  add some organic and natural taste to your food.

Geekhom wooden spoon, multiply the beauty of the kitchen with some traditional touch in this modern era. You should try the whole set of a wooden spoon, and experience a difference of taste in your old set and this wooden set.

Why this?

This spoon is still in use, after so many years of advancement, people do believe in its purity, feel more delight and healthy.

Wooden Utensils have too much importance, still, many countries around the world utilize and show more attraction, and know their benefits during usage.

We collect some outcomes for you, which could help you.


  • Environment friendly and degradable.
  • No melting, no toxic, no damage to health.
  • Good heat insulation, hard to reach heat to hand.
  • No, deform, corrode, or crack.
  • All set at an affordable price.

9. Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

This kitchen stuff is not limited to the kitchen, rather you would see it around yourself, whether in Restaurant, in a small burger cabin, or, even on your table, that is Pepper and salt Grinder, designed by Disney culinary collection.

Why this?

Discussion about the kitchen and there is no single piece of something about Grinder, as it helps us to have some salt in life, the addition of pepper.

This Grinder is easy to use, unlike other grinders which seem to give headaches rather than being handy and user-friendly. You will find it easier to use, easier to operate as it refills easily with an adjustable knob.


  • Licensed by amazon
  • Transparent glass, to check the salt inside
  • Light in size, and easy to operate
  • Fulfill our Disney favorite design
  • Decorated knob with Mickey and Minnie’s head.

10. Silicone Whisk

Let’s stir for a while, but what and with what? With Minnie mouse silicone whisk. All-day long while cooking, our beloved such as mom, wife, and daughter, stir the wheat and eggs with a spoon and forks to make some tasty cakes, this whisk will make their day easy.

This is manual yet, but the purpose will be fulfilled.

Why this?

The electric stirrer has a smaller string than this, we added this to our list because it is made of silicone rather than steel or iron, and the Minnie picture upon it. Don’t miss it and place it today at a low price.

If you are a male and reading this you can buy Minnie whisk as a gift, but if you are a baby girl or young lady, it is a thing you would miss in your kitchen. 

This stirrer could have much use like baking, mixing yogurt, butter, cream, etc. if you are thinking that this single piece is not enough for your beloved one, you can pack a whole kitchen setup.


  • Officially licensed
  • Perfectly made for Disney lover
  • Can use for baking and cooking
  • Mix salad, cream, and butter.
  • Specially designed to gift.

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