Stop hurting your skin anymore. We are here to introduce the best epilator for men online. We offer buying guide for men epilator online in the world. We are providing the most brilliant, fastest epilator with an economical budget for men in the current century.

When talking about hair removal, there is no disputing that the epilators give the smoothest skin. With that, its epilation is more long-lasting than shaving, but it can effortlessly be done at home.

When we think about men and hair removal, we first think about shaving. It may be shaving off the face, the chest, or even the armpits. Some men even shave their whole bodies as swimmers and cyclers did.

One of the worst things about being a man is how we grow hair in many areas we don’t want. But, of course, the absolute worst part about that is when we shave that hair. It grows back excessively fast.

The Best Epilator for men in 2021

Epilator for Men Reviews Online


Emjoi AP-18 Emagine


Braun Epilator Silk-épil 7-7561

Philips Satinelle Essential

Braun Silk-Epil 9 9-579

Panasonic ES-EL7A

The Panasonic ES-EL7A-P Cordless Epilator comes with three different speed settings. You will be able to epilate the sensitive areas with precision and care using the soft mode. The 1.25 inch double discs also cover 30% more skin giving you smooth skin in fewer strokes.

Moreover, the specialized epilation discs rotate over 2900 times per minute to give you the fastest hair removal experience in Power mode.

Also, removing hair from hard-to-reach places like underarms and knees is effortless with the ultra-flexible epilator head.

This epilator is great for beginners as it comes with a specialized Gentle Cap for minimizing discomfort. This cap not only narrows the exposure of tweezer heads but also keeps the skin in place to ensure a comfortable experience.

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The Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 Flex 9-300 is one of the best epilators for men. Not only it works great as an epilator, but also you can enjoy a face spa with this. The facial brush and massage pad give you a stimulating and relaxing experience.

This epilator has 40 tweezers with micro-grip technology that gives you the smoothest skin you can imagine. Did we mention you could use it for both wet and dry epilation? Also, the anti-slip handle is excellent for wet epilation.

The most important feature of this epilator is that the entirely flexible head of the epilator makes epilating the tricky areas easy. Also, SensoSmart technology prevents you from pushing too hard. Lastly, the two different speed levels and skin touch caps allow you to epilator according to your comfort.

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Emjoi AP-18 Emagine

The large epilation has one fixed disc and two that discs open and shut with every stroke. This machine pulls the skin taut and ensures minimum pain and discomfort. Moreover, it has a unique glide technology that raises and then pulls out the hair minimizing irritation by gliding the wide tweezer plates across the skin.

With that, it protects your skin from different skin infections as it has silver ion technology. With this, you get up to six weeks of smooth hairless skin.

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Another amazing epilator from Braun that will improve your hair removal experience is the Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 9-890. This epilator comes with SensoSmart technology for protecting your skin from extra pressure.

This stainless steel epilator doesn’t only look fantastic but also is highly durable. You can even use it in the shower, as it is waterproof. Also, the battery runs for fifty minutes, so no need to worry about charging frequently.

It also comes with seven extra accessories for enhancing your shaving experience further. For example, the bikini style and the caps for facial, skin contact trimmer head allow you to epilate the delicate areas carefully. Moreover, it also has trimmer heads for those last-minute shaving emergencies.

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Braun Epilator Silk-épil 7-7561

The simple yet elegant white and grey Braun Epilator Silk-épil 7-7561 is a perfect epilator for men’s taste. The Closegrip technology ensures the smoothest for up to four weeks. Also, it can be used cordless for about forty minutes.

It is Braun’s most efficient epilator. The most gentle on skin External study at IPI Institute, Stuttgart, March 2013. The shaver and trimmer attachments make it a great epilator for men’s faces. Moreover, the narrow epilator cap can be used on the face and sensitive areas for precise and comfortable epilation. It also has a beginner cap with plastic teeth for minimal discomfort and more ease. Its Epilation removes 4x shorter hair than wax. Plus 8 extras including a bikini trimmer. Cordless wet & dry epilators both are virtually painless with regular use.

This epilator also includes a narrow trimmer with rounded tips. With this, you will be able to trim the hair from the private parts without fear of cuts and burns. Lastly, the smart light helps to illuminate your skin so you don’t miss any hair patches.

The first is the price. Since it is a household name like Panasonic,  it keeps its price low as an excellent entry into the men’s epilator market.

It is not cheap though. It does perform to a high standard. Do not let the low price fool you. 

The heads work in a different way than some epilators, too. Because they work in opposite directions, if a hair were missed by one head, the other would pick it up in the opposite direction.

Two-speed settings allow you to go slower if you want a more gentle session. As a result, it will take slightly longer to remove your hair, but it will not be quite as painful.

A nice bonus feature is the Silver Ion technology that will help to keep any bacteria to a minimum. Though epilating like this is generally less likely to give you an infection, having an insurance policy like this is suitable for peace of mind.

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Philips Satinelle Essential

The number 1 slot for the best epilator for men goes to Satinelle Essential from Philips. This compact epilator can effectively remove even the shortest hair you have.

We used it on our heads and for facial hair removal. But, the most significant difference we get is when our facial hair takes longer to grow back. We felt that change when we used this epilator except for a regular razor. The epilator is probably good because of the micro-cutting precision that the product boasts.

The Philips Satinelle Essential was designed for dry use, which works well for you because most of you usually shave your hair after you take a shower and not during.

We also like how the epilation head is easy to remove, making it easy to wash. Most epilators have this feature, but it often makes their epilation head shaky when in use. The Philips Satinelle Essential does not have that problem.

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Braun Silk-Epil 9 9-579

The Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 features a 40% wider epilation head making it efficient in removing more hair in just one stroke.

It comes with a shaved head, trimmer head, high-frequency massage head, and a skin contact head. We used this shaver head for head and beard, and it was a pleasant experience.
The trimmer head was all right but quite painful when used for a long time, while the skin contact head was agonizing for me to use.

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Is epilating good for men?

Men have larger pores, tougher skin, and more oil glands. Male hormones make hair thicker, and men have more body hair than women. That’s why men need an epilator that can efficiently remove a lot of hair. The epilator removes hairs faster and smoother than other ways of hair removal. But if you can get an epilator with fewer tweezers, it will take longer to remove hairs.

Even when the epilator removes the hair, it is going to hurt. But when you use wax, it is more painful, time-consuming, and leaves red marks on your skin. Therefore, we highly recommend the epilator with a maximum number of tweezers. Plucking hairs at the same pain, but the results are worth it.

How painful is an epilator?

A better word to use than ‘pain’ is probably ‘discomfort.’ It might sound daunting, but the beauty is in the speed and the control. You have a second of pain, and then it’s gone. Epilators often come with different caps and different speeds so that you can approach them in line with your comfort level.

Epilating is going to be painful, especially if you aren’t used to it. Many companies claim to have developed a method or an epilating head to decrease the pain, but this is primarily a vibrating feature that slows down the process, meaning it’ll remove less hair.

Read the product reviews on any epilator online, and you’ll find some claiming things like “too painful for me!” and some saying “painless,” “pain-free,” and “doesn’t pinch.” This is a testament to how much the epilation experience comes down to personal pain tolerance! However, it is commonly said that using repeatedly lessens the pain each time, so even if it does pinch, to begin with, it’s worth sticking with it.

Can you use an epilator on your balls?

No, epilation is a hard way to remove the hairs from the balls. It’s a method to pull your hair out, but it’s nowhere near as gentle as wax.

When it comes to removing the hair of your balls, then you have to be careful and make wise decisions for yourself. If you’re looking for the best, use the best ball hair trimmer, “Lawn Mower 4.0 trimmer”.

Are you worried about shaving your balls? We already talk a lot about male grooming hairs. As you can know, it is our kind of thing. After all, we introduced the different ways to remove hair from your balls. The best, easiest, and fastest way to remove hairs from your balls is a trimmer or a smooth razor.

Despite the topic’s vastness, we find that most guys are primarily most conscious about one thing: their balls. How to treat them? How to remove hair from their balls? How to coddle them? We get your problem. We are providing you the complete solution to those problems. The family jewels are a man’s most precious possession, and if you’re going to be exposing them to potentially dangerous levels of grooming, you want to know you’re doing it right. So, we’ve made you this guide. These tips cover pretty much everything on the topic of removing hair from your testicles. So, without further ado, let’s talk about how to shave your balls correctly.

Therefore, epilation is not a good thing for your balls. Moreover, you can remove the hairs also by using the removal cream.

Using hair removal cream

Hair removal creams seem appealing because there’s no risk of a cut. The caveat is, they’re usually not a safe choice for the balls. Those chemicals can burn fiercely, and no matter how tough you are, burning balls is not a good deal. Besides that, most creams aren’t vetted for genital use. You’re risking the swimming strength of yours here.

Can I use an epilator on pubic hair?

Pubic hair removal is a common practice among men and women. It is often done because it gives you cleanliness, less body odor, and feels better. Epilation is removing body hair by using an instrument (epilator) to pull out the hair completely from the hair root. It is an effective method for temporary hair removal.

Generally, it is safe to remove pubic hair by using mechanical epilator devices. However, it will be painful, especially for first-time users. If you have sensitive skin, you may have more severe side effects, such as pain, boils, rashes, and redness. Always check your skin sensitivity by trying the device on other parts of the body before directly using it in the pubic area. Hair longer than 3 mm should trim easily before epilating.

How to remove pubic hair at home?

Shaving, trimming, or epilators are preferably safe methods for pubic hair removal if you do it at home with the proper technique. If you want to avoid injuries in the pubic area, dermatologists may recommend the following tips while removing pubic hair at home.

  • Stand while trimming/shaving because you are likely to get more injuries if you lie down during trimming or shaving.
  • Trim your pubic hair by yourself to prevent injuries and avoid having it performed by your partner.
  • Always check your skin sensitivity on other parts of the body before using an epilator device on the pubic region.
  • Follow the instruction and correct method while using an epilator or razor.
  • Ensure you are using a fragrance-free and nonallergic product, such as shaving cream.
  • Carefully shave with a clean razor with the right technique and absolute focus.
  • Apply moisturizer to reduce the dryness that occurs after the removal of hair.
  • Avoid sharing your hair removal products with other family members to prevent bacterial viruses.

What is the best way to remove the thicker hairs of men?

There are many different ways to remove thicker hairs from your body, which you called the best. However, the best is only one, which will remove hairs in less time, in less pain, and provide smooth and clear skin. For hair removal, you can do shave, epilation, wax, electrolysis. Here, we will explain each way of hair removal from your body.


It doesn’t get much easier than this. Hop in the shower, rub on some shaving cream, grab a disposable razor, and have at it. If your body hair is on the longer side, though, you might want to use a pair of clippers to do the heavy lifting before you start shaving.


  • It’s easy and doesn’t require any special equipment or spa appointments.


  • You’ll almost definitely get ingrown hairs, at least for the first time or two. And it won’t take long to grow back, so you’ll only get a couple of days of looking and feeling smooth before stubble sets in.


There are at-home kits for this, but unless you have experience, your best bet is to book an appointment at your local spa. They’ll rub on some sugar wax, let it set, then quickly tear it off, which pulls the hair out at the root.


  • You’ll look and feel super smooth since the hair is completely gone down to the root.
  • It’ll last for 2-3 weeks, and if you wax regularly, eventually, your body hair will get more refined and grow in less quickly.


  • It hurts like hell and isn’t cheap.
  • Expect to spend $50 or more just for your chest and a lot more if you also want to hit your arms, legs, shoulders, and back.


You might consider trying an epilator if you’re tired of body hair and shaving it every day, prone to razor rash, or sick of stubble. It’s much more commonplace now for men to want to rid areas of hair from the chest, back, shoulders or arms, and if you’re a swimmer or a cyclist, you’ll be more than familiar with the need for speed, which is believed to be assisted by a sleek, hair-free body.


  • It can be used wet and dry
  • Smart and lightweight
  • Holds skin in place to minimizing discomfort
  • Precision trimming technology
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Entirely waterproof
  • Great for people with sensitive skin


  • It sounds very loud.

Best hair removing method for men

According to the above discussion, we know that the best way to remove the thick hairs from your body is by an epilator. Therefore, an epilator is the best and easiest way to remove the hair from your body.

What to look for when buying an Epilator?

Wet or dry option

If you are new to epilation, having a waterproof epilator might be good for you. Epilating in the bath or shower makes the experience less messy and painful.

Corded or battery operated

Some epilators are battery-operated, meaning you’ll have to replace them once in a while, or you’ll have to charge them before you use them. Unfortunately, with battery-operated epilators also comes battery decay.


Epilating takes much time, so to speed up the process, people use epilators with more tweezers. The downside to having more tweezers is that it is a more painful experience but it is the fastest way to remove the hairs.


Epilating is going to be painful, especially if you aren’t used to it. Many companies claim to have developed a method or an epilating head to decrease the pain, but this is primarily a vibrating feature that slows down the process. But it is less painful than waxing and a safe way to remove the hairs.


Depending on the type of hair and the type of experience that you have, you might want to have the option to adjust the speed available for you.


Spending more won’t necessarily mean that the experience will be better. You can get the best experience from a cheap epilator or the worst experience from an expensive one. The truth is that the more features there are, the more expensive it’ll be.


How do I prepare my skin for epilation?

If you’re new to epilating, I think it’s best if you first take a warm bath or shower. The heat will open your pores and relax your skin, making the epilation process a lot less painful.

Is epilation better than waxing?

The problem with waxing is that it can be bad for your skin, while epilation only pulls the hair from its root. Waxing, however, uses a more aggressive approach and can permanently damage your skin if not done correctly.

Why does hair grow back, if epilation removes it from its root?

That’s because you only remove the hair from its root and not remove the heart, allowing the hair to grow back again.

Can men use an epilator to remove facial hair?

They surely can. However, as men’s facial hair is much thicker, it will be quite painful to epilate

Can an epilator be used on male pubic hair?

An epilator can easily be used for both male and female pubic hair. It’s always best to take your time and practice different speeds and pressures. The key is to pull the skin as tight as possible.

If you want to explore epilation for this area specifically, when shopping around for your first epilation device, look for epilators that either have narrow heads or come with different attachment caps. Caps can be used to cover over a portion of the exposed tweezers, meaning fewer tweezers are coming into contact with the skin.

It’s best if you treat your epilator like your toothbrush. Please don’t share it with others, and this will help you to be safe from germs.


There are many benefits of epilation. It is often considered to be the safest method of hair removal by most people.

If we think about shaving, it involves running a blade on the surface of your skin for temporary smoothness; waxing can be bad for your skin in the end, while an epilator only plucks your hair from its roots and maintains the smoothness of your skin.

We understand that choosing the best epilator from hundreds of options is not easy. However, we have attempted to make this job simpler. Hence, to find the best epilator for men, go over all the aspects presented here. We also suggest the best epilator with its exclusive features and prices.

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