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Solar Photovoltaic cell or solar panel is popular in the developed economies. Yet, it is becoming a part of energy conversant, carbonless, and Go Green policies in developing countries. In the near future, the under developing countries do have the latest in Solar Photovoltaic systems. Thus, the future of cheap energy, renewable energy, and unlimited energy is the solar Photovoltaic or PV electricity generation system. In this content, we will help you learn more about PV technologies, uses, procurement, and installations in home and commercial places.

What is Solar Photovoltaic?

We would have seen many solar panels on the top of the home and as a solar farm in developed countries. What PV actually does is converts sunlight to power or electricity. A single PV is called a PV cell. The groups of PVs are Photovoltaic solar panels. They can directly be connected to power sources in the home or can be stored in a battery and used 24/7. The latter is the best as you can use the power when sunlight is not present or nighttime. Solar Photovoltaic system costs depend upon the number of cells in a panel, and next is the capacity it can convert into energy. The installation cost might be included or not included when you purchase the latest in PV energy systems.

Approval from Local Body or Ministry of Power

Globally the PV lightning for many governments approves domestic and industrial purposes. Still, it is suggested to analyse with your local body before installing a PV panel on the top of your home or the sun-facing wall sides. In some countries, the installation might need a local body nod.

Your Solar Photovoltaic suppliers might get permission when you buy from such an authorized dealer. Thus, it would help if you asked the dealer, as the installation is accessible, and what about getting local bodies’ permission. Thus, follow the local body compliance on overhead installation for domestic or commercial purposes to use energy-efficient solar Photovoltaic power system.

Procurement of PV Systems

Photovoltaic system suppliers will be ample when your nation approves it as a Go Green policy measure. Yet, one has to buy online or import if there are no nearby PV suppliers.

Authorized Dealers

PV panels and systems do need certification from electronics, power, and concerned environmental departments. The manufacturers of PV power generation systems get certification and supply their products in a region or the global market.

Custom Designing of Solar Photovoltaic Energy Panels

Energy Conversant Homes

All of them can be transform to a conventional home or a modern home as an energy conversant home. Yet, you might not be able to find the right solar energy panel to meet your renewable home source of power requirement. Thus, it will help to approach a PV energy system manufacturer to assemble as per your inner and outer power needs. Some of us might use solar power in common areas only. Some of us invest in PV solar power panels in such a way that 70% of home appliances are connected to solar power.


The manufacturer of Photovoltaic Cell Company will send a technician for live inspection on your presence. He will check the wattage of home electrical and electronic appliances. Next, he will come with the right PV energy system. He will so check for the right place in your home to install the solar PV panels. It is the best practice to do by authorized service provider. Later, he will give you a quote.

They do custom design and installation if necessary PV panel system is not available with them. Thus, this type of pre-inspection is the best to call and consult before deciding to buy them online or from a nearby solar power system dealer.


It is advisable to avail such dealers, who do after-sale services. It is because; annually maintenance is necessary for solar Photovoltaic systems. Signing up for an alternative maintenance contract is an affordable way to last long your PV power supply.

Government Subsidies

Many of the developed countries provide subsidies to the household after installation and use of solar photovoltaic energy systems. It is to encourage people to use renewable sources of energy. Thus, you may get some tax exemption on the property and local body related charges.

It will help you by checking the local body staffs-related to the environmental and power supply. They will give the present subsidy schemes offered for the residents under Go Green policies.

Solar PV Systems for Factories

In some countries, it is essential to use solar photovoltaic systems to power external lighting needs. It is compliance, and violating these rules will lead to severe fines and penalties. Thus, the industrialist must consult with renowned environmentalists and energy experts to meet such demands.

Get the Best Resale Value for Energy Conversant Homes

Energy conversant home has much resale value than the homes, which are not with solar Photovoltaic power system. Thus, installing them is a one-time cost, and you have lifelong resale value. The demand for this type of home is more in the developed countries. Thus, a homebuyer usually checks this infrastructure is present before buying a home.      

Get the Best Rental Price for Energy Conversant Homes

The conventional, modern, and high-end homes with solar Photovoltaic sources can be put for rent at a higher price. People choose this type of home for rental, as they will get an uninterrupted power supply during cyclones, hurricanes, and heavy rain. It is because; the solar PV installation is like a mini power plant in your home. The backup battery will provide electricity during the night. Thus, it will function automatically in the daytime and even it is cloudy or raining outside. It will also work where the daylight is lesser than as usually near the Arctic Circle regions.  Yet, the demand for such homes is high, so you can increase the rental price too. Moreover, the tenant does save money on the power bill.

High-end Homes

One of the important features of a high-end home is that it is built with more than one renewable source of energy. Here, you will find solar PV panel installations in all the areas where ample sunlight falls. It will be the terrace, slanting parapets, sunshades, and even walls too. Thus, if you are building a high-end home, it is advisable to follow the energy source compliance of that area.

If you are purchasing a ready-to-use high-end home, you must physically inspect solar PV installations. You must also note that all the power points in that home that are used to supply solar energy.

Hazards Related to PV Power System

Homeowners usually invest in solar PV panels for renewable sources of energy and saving on power prices. They do long last with a few maintenance works. Yet, they cause some hazards, which are unavoidable in various circumstances.


Fire-related hazards are common to find when homeowners do not do proper maintenance on the battery backup system. They can catch fire in the cable and battery external part and even by a burst. Thus, they must be placed in a safe place with fire extinguishers.

Solar PV panel Installations

You will need more panels when you need a higher voltage. Thus, the solar panels will be installed on the maximum available spaces on your home terrace and above the sunshades. They can be thrown apart when heavy a cyclone or hurricane occurs. It can damage a nearby property or people too. Thus, the local body does not give permission for PV panel installations in such regions.

Electric Shock

The PV panels generate electricity by absorbing sunlight. Thus, a heavier power can give a similar electric shock what the power line you use from the government side. The battery-backed power is also very dangerous. Thus, proper maintenance is necessary to check for insulation, damages and loose contacts in the solar PV power system.


The deaths related to solar power sources are very few compared to the conventional ones. Thus, it is advisable to buy and install from a certified service provider. They will follow the local body codes, energy compliance and install them by taking proper permissions.


Before availing of such renewable sources of energy systems, you need to consult first. The right people to approach are the environmentalist, energy experts and solar specialists. They will guide homebuilders, homebuyers, and industrialists. It is the best practice to consult and seek advice before purchasing the latest in solar PV installation for your home or industrial needs.           

Solar Photovoltaic cells can be connected to many cells to form a solar panel. Thus, the number of panels necessary is depended upon the wattage hours you need to use them in home lighting or appliances. It will help you by reading Solar Photovoltaic reviews online. Many of the excellent bad reviews are in consumer forums too. It will also guide you to learn more about PV suppliers and distributors.   Detailed information is very important before taking any step in this direction.

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