How to get the best media entertainment console

The definition of entertainment has changed. Or you can say it has evolved with time. Technology plays a pivotal role in this awe-inspiring change. The size of almost every electronic device has shrunk but their functionality has been blessed with hundred new features. Take the example of television. Earlier it used to look like a massive square box with a screen. Now, calling it a sheet would not be wrong because they have become that slim and sleek in design. 

The past few months have packed us all in our homes. Whatever activity we used to do outside other than work has to be done within four walls only. Kitchens were converted into favorite restaurants, balconies became the hangout spot. But, where would one go if he wishes to watch movie theatre style? Of course, he will switch on his television. But, the way your television is positioned will decide if you will have the same sort of experience or not.

A mega-size television requires lavish treatment. You cannot put it anywhere. One has to get it installed in the right way. Think about it. How would your large-size HD screen television look sitting on the floor? Bad right! All you need is a Media Console. 

What is a media console?

A media console is a furniture item that is used to hold the television above the floor at a comfortable viewing height for a seated viewer. Typically placed in the living room, a media console has few drawers that provide extra storage space for minimizing home clutter. To make your life-size screen more aesthetic, it also comes with closed backs to any open shelves to hide the tangled wires connected to television and other devices. 

A living room is ideally incomplete without an entertainment unit i.e. a good-looking media console. Your latest smart television needs to rest on something. There are numerous options that you can choose as per your need and the size of the living room. Media consoles are available in several designs from Scandinavian-inspired designs to sleek, modern pieces. If your budget allows, you can also bring that one that has its built-in fireplace to keep the surroundings warm during chilly winters. 

There are so many ways that you can get the best media console. You can order online or buy it from the store. Here, we have lined up the top10console design from you to give you an understanding of what style of media consoles are available in the market.

If your home has a rustic interior, this entertainment unit will fulfill your purpose very conveniently. The console is elegant and sophisticated to look at. It is perfect for someone that finds class in sober things. The product features metal handles and two large metal brackets that accentuate a wood finish. It is pretty spacious to store your Play stations, DVD player, Wi-Fi modem, DVDs, and other things. You wouldn’t be disappointed bringing this spacious and well-designed cabinet home. Its design is such that will rock every kind of interior very well. You can put it in the living room or your bedroom. The console will play its role efficiently. 

This is yet another example of an outstanding elegant piece of art. It will complement any sort of interior. The tangkula farmhouse TV stand is open, spacious, and symmetrical. The open shelves are perfect to showcase your antiques and modern magazine collection. This artistically designed console is capable to hold up to 250 pounds, so putting a heavy screen along with funky décor pieces would not be a problem. It has 4 holes in the back that make the process of wire handling and fitting easier for the one who handles the electronic television. You can put it in your farmhouse or at your pad, your young, carefree lifestyle is what this media console is about. 

This is one of a kind that comes with a built-in fireplace to keep the surrounding area warm and comfortable for the viewers during cold weather. The matt black will escalate your interiors and add an element of class to your décor. The entertainment unit with 4 shelves can hold the weight of 150 pounds. You can easily put your 60 inches long television on the top stand. While the bold matt black rules, you can buy this Beachcrest Sunbury tv stand in different colors as well. 

Perfect for smaller spaces, this super stylish compact-size 42-inch TV stand stands out with its sliding barn door design and a natural wood finish that gives it a rustic look. It has 3 adjustable shelves and cable outlets for storage and equipment installation purposes. 

5. Floyd Media Console

Who doesn’t like to customize items? This media console can be customized as per your need and likes. You can design it the way you want with your favorite color, wood grain style, cabinet placement and size, and so on. The console can withstand up to 325 pounds. Its unit measures 24 inches high by 59 inches wide by 13 inches deep. It is simple yet very different from the conventional designs that are found in almost every household. The media console is perfect for a house that is owned by a single individual. It is easy to clean and doesn’t occupy a lot of space as well. 

If you want a console that serves as something as a statement piece in your living room, this Nathan James Scandinavian media console is for you. The item is perfect for those who have an outspoken personality and like to go all out when it comes to buying. It is a very cool and sleek piece that with its contrasting lights and darks adds a splash of bold design to the room. The piece fulfills its functional as well as practical purpose with its strategic design. The unit features engineered wood with beautiful white doors and anti-scratch legs, making it truly a piece of art that every individual with a fine taste has. 

If you are looking for something modern and classy, then this is made for you. Almost six feet high, and equipped with its lighting center, the media console is more like a built-in storage unit with media capabilities. You will fell for it in one look. It has everything you are looking for. A large section in the middle is for your expensive and latest TV screen that can be as wide as 80 inches. It has two drawers, cabinets with a door on the sides that offer enough storage space to store all kinds of items to make the space look tidy and organized.

8. Whalen Payton 3-in-1 TV stand

Beauty meets functionality in the form of a Whalen Payton 3-in-1 TV stand. It provides you with a stand sprouting up from the center panel allowing you to install your television up to 65 inches. The best thing about this console is that you will be able to rotate or tilt your tv screen according to the layout of your room. Sometimes as you please, you can also detach the same column and make it work as an actual wall mount. Its 3 spacious shelves give you enough room to store your other décor as well as electrical gadgets safely in them. 

9. Lulu and Georgia Margot Media Console

If you are looking for something more versatile, this piece is made for you. Capable of accommodating 121 pounds, this media console is all things stylish. It is made from mango wood and has three can doors that reveal six open shelves offering the user plenty of storage space. If you are one of those who likes to show every antique décor piece of the house, then this console is a blessing for you. You will be able to showcase them perfectly well on their open shelves.

10. West Elm Atticus Media console

This piece is for those who go for one-of-a-kind products. The media console would be enough in your living room to make it look complete and well-designed. Its mere presence is enough to call your room elegant and upper class. West Elm Atticus Media console is made from FSC=certified wood. It features four woven doors that give it a stunning appearance. The console is available in dark and light oak. Go with the one that suits your personality and décor the best. It is perfectly capable of handling 80 inches wide television screen. The console also has an adjustable shelf and three cutouts for cables. 

These are the trending designs for media consoles in the market. Each will give your living room a distinct character. Along with equipping your technologically advanced television, they offer plenty of storage as well as making your life simpler. Measure the room of the size, decide the color and get the best kind. 


This will surely help you to provide the best knowledge for your Television mounting. However, this would be a time you should unlock the true air of immersive experience while watching your series, or to make your movie nights more special with your loved ones.

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