How to make the best WFH setup

Nowadays, the majority of the businesses are trying to come to terms with most of their employees working from home due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Most of the organizations, whether big or small, are besieged to set up systems and processes for managing employees working from home in comparison to others for many employees set up an office and routine is a daunting task.

Undoubtedly, the last year was tough for everyone and working from home while the Covid pandemic has also presented a wide variety of challenges from coping with childcare during school closures to managing work-life balance.

For many of us, working tenuously has become a way of life. But, no matter how long we’ve been taking Zoom calls from our kitchens, the change from office desk to the home desk is a still little draining. fortunately, there’s a lot of virtual support out there to help us gear up an efficient workflow track for the new year and amp up some WFH motivation. Various online websites have harnessed the product-hunting prowess to bring the seasoned telecommuters in need of a new year refresh a collection of work-from-home organization items that you can order online and get delivered at your doorstep.

Working from home is definitely, very different from working in an office. No supervisor is looking over your shoulder but it also means that you can’t watch people reporting to you. There are no contemporaries to talk to and have lunch with while work is the same, the work surroundings is fundamentally different. A person needs a very different mindset and thought process when working from home.

When a person works in an office, they follow a routine that’s set by office timings. In a work from home setup, there is no time pressure to get ready and do things at a particular time. You can create a work from home schedule, but there is no one around to impose it. A person requires a lot more discipline and commitment when working from home.

You also need to change the way you communicate with your team. When you work in an office, you spend more time meeting people at work than your family or neighbours. But it’s the opposite when you work from home. It takes some time to get used to it, but it’s easier than developing the discipline to complete your work. Read this article further if you need help in creating a solid work from home setup.

Ideal work from home office setup

Many people may think that setting up and managing the home office is a straightforward thing. Simply push the table against a wall or window, get a chair, fix a computer, and they are done. But if you really, want to be dynamic and effective, you need to put a lot more consideration into your work from home setup.

Create A Dedicated Workspace

A dedicated workspace looks distinct for everyone and it is entirely depending on the size and layout of your space but, a preferred place to start is with an at-home desk.

Whether you want to go for a more modernized standing setup, a wall-mounted system, an in-bed/on-couch lap desk, or a classic standalone model, finding the proper pedestal for your work will enhance your abilities to complete it.

The location of your workspace in your home is significant to your work. You need a room that’s comparatively quiet and has enough space for a comfortable setup. A room that has sufficient space and a door to close off the noise can be suitable for the home office.

It is vital to set up your desk where you can directly plug in your computer and have access to the internet. Also, test your wifi signal to ensure it’s strong enough for video calls.

Many people prefer to set up their desk against a window because it gives a nice view. But the movement outer the window can be disturbing for many. If you set your desk in front of a wall, your voice may reflect off the wall and create an echo while conference calls. An easy way to buy that is to put a foam sheet against the wall.


It is vital to use a chair that has an adjustable height, good back support, and adjustable armrests. It’s essential to keep your feet flat on the ground and your hands rested on the armchair or table to avoid injuries. Your office furniture is specially designed for work, so it has all these features. When a person is setting up the home office, they will need to take care and adjust the table height and the chair is adjusted for your feet and arms.

Your computer screen should be level with your eyes. If an individual has to look up or down on the screen, they will hurt their neck in a few months and if a person is using a laptop, it is pivotal to consider buying a tilt stand. You can also adjust and manage the height of the stand to make sure you look straight at the screen. You may have to use an outer mouse and keyboard if you use a laptop stand.

It is also important to use a drop-front desk that is sleek and compact as this also allows you to speedily jump from work mode to home mode and make you feel like you’re off the chronometer when you stop working for the day.

Shifts space to fit every space Convert a small part of the home into your office with a study setting that can easily be rolled out when required and can be folded and stowed away when not in use. It is also significant to use a movable desk and chair with castors that will help you for an easy move in and out of any space.

As now everyone is spending a lot of time at home, their living rooms are the new playground for the family. The coffee table at times becomes the dinner table or the study table for the kids.

It is paramount to consider using nested tables that are multifunctional & provide extra seating without eating into your space and keeping your living room neat. Instead of one large coffee table, use a coffee table with smaller stools that are easy to move around and provide extra space for online classes or a fun games night with the family.

Comfortable Chair

Today, most jobs involve long hours of sitting in front of a monitor and these jobs lead to a sedentary lifestyle, which can cause aches and pains in your back. Sitting on the bed, or a seat that is cozy with cushions may not be the viable way as it does not allow for an ideal spinal posture. If a person has an uncomfortable chair in home office set-ups can increase the number of breaks you take due to regular bouts of bodily pain. In the long run, it can have a direct effect on both your posture and performance.


Ideally, a person needs to work on a laptop rather than a desktop. A laptop provides you with the flexibility to work from a new room or desk should the need arise. A laptop is less messy for video calls as it has a built-in camera.

While your computer may have an in-built microphone and speaker or you use an external mic and speaker. If you can, buy a Bluetooth mic and speaker combo or you can just use headphones, as The built-in mic and speakers are not good enough for calls.

Bluetooth headphones make an immense addition to any home office set-up. Nowadays some of the preferred Bluetooth headphones come in stylish designs and sport fantastic audio and microphone quality.

Internet connection

A person needs a fast, at least 16 MBPS committed, internet connection and ideally, you should have a 50 MBPS connection. In addition to that, people also require a backup connection if in case their primary connection goes down. You can’t work from home if you don’t have access to the internet. So you need a backup connection also.

The backup connection must be from a diverse telecom company than the one that gives you the primary connection. It could be wireless internet or something else whatever it’s, it is important to be fast enough to support video calling.


You will need to access all software and tools to do your work. If you are using a company-issued computer, it will possibly have all the software you need. If you use a SaaS product, then you should have no issues.

If you need to access the organization’s server for storage, then you may need secure access to the company’s network. Your IT team should be able to help you with remote access to corporation servers and data.

When a person works from home, they need a setup that helps them stay productive and effective. This includes not just the physical infrastructure like computers, the internet and software but also softer aspects such as having the right mindset and processes.

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