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Stop forcing your child to poop in the toilet, create their interest they can poop in the bathroom with his/her favorite flamingo toy. Sherbet is an interactive, toilet-trained flamingo who loves to sing, wiggle, chat back, eat, and poop on the toilet. Feed Sherbet his Flamingo Food and watch his neck wiggle as he gobbles it all down. When Sherbet’s gotta go, he’ll let you know by signing his catchy song! Then, place him on the toilet and watch him poop into the bowl.

Pooping flamingo

The World’s Best Little Live Pets helps generate your child’s interest in poop in the toilet, Sherbet the “Gotta Go” Flamingo, is one of the funniest birds from beak to feet! This interactive, bright pink flamingo loves to talk, sing, dance, eat and POOP! So open up Sherbet’s mouth and feed him his magical flamingo food with his scoop.

Gotta Go Flamingo is the funniest and hippest interactive toy! He’ll make you laugh as he wiggles and jiggles his neck and repeats what you say! After feeding him, he’ll let you know that he’s just ‘Gotta Go’ and do a ‘poop’ into the pot! Just feed him some more, and he’ll go again and again. He will keep you laughing as he sings his hilarious ‘Gotta Go’ song!

What is a pooping Flamingo?

Flamingo is a Little Live Pet toy. Kids can feed Sherbet his magical flamingo food by simply opening his beak and using the scoop to pour it down his throat. Once his beak is closed, his neck wiggles and wobbles as he gobbles it down. But watch out! What goes in must come out, and flamingo will let everyone know by singing his catchy “Uh Oh, Gotta Go!” song.

The flamingo loves to eat! So first, feed Sherbet his Flamingo Food, then listen as he chews and watch as his long neck wiggles as he gobbles it all down in the bowl. Next, place him on the toilet and watch him poop into the bowl. By doing this, it is singing that “Uh oh, gotta go” song! It is the song your children will be singing when their new favorite toy, “Gotta Go Flamingo”, suddenly has to poop and when your child learns to go in the toilet.

Perfect for repeat play once Sherbet’s done, you can do again and again all this process! Sherbet loves to speak. It also records what you want to say, and he will repeat it back to you! With his hilariously funny movement, sounds, and reactions, Sherbet the “Gotta Go” Flamingo will have everyone singing the song and giggling for ages!

It also works as a parrot, and he will repeat whatever you say. It also records any catchy phrases, words, and expressions then he’ll repeat this back to you.

Product features:

  • Feed Sherbet his Flamingo food and watch his long neck wobble and wiggle, and make you giggle!
  • Sherbet will start singing his hilarious “Gotta Go” song and make funny sounds to tell you that he needs to use the toilet!
  • Place Sherbet on the toilet and watch him poop his magic colorful poop into the bowl.
  • Scoop up the magic poop! It dries the poop very fast, so you can feed and watch Sherbet poop again and again!
  • Sherbet loves to chat, record, and repeat back whatever you say to him.

How do you play a flamingo with poop?

Feed him his magical rainbow food granules mixed with a splash of water, and his little neck will wiggle as he “digests,” and starts singing “Uh Oh, Gotta Go!”. You’ll know it’s time to go because he’ll tell you through song. Once he sings a ditty for Dodie, get him to his tiny toilet on the double! He’ll poop on the pot, and the fun continues by scooping up the poop and watch it magically dry back into flamingo food. It’s essentially a game of eating, sing, poop, repeat, and I think most of us can get “behind” that. When your child plays with this, they love to sing the funny song of flamingo, and then during the poop, your child follows the ways of flamingo and sings the song of flamingo on the toilet while doing a poop.

How flamingo helps your kinds in poops training?

This product is design for an early age child, and these children will learn to poop on the toilet. This toy helps them to create their interest and show the way to poop on the toilet. The kids of age from five to six years are passing through poop training days. Nevertheless, absent the magic of this incredible pooping flamingo, which I found through a Google search, it is known as the “Little Live Gotta Go Flamingo” toy, and it is an excellent toy for the gift of Christmas 2021? It’s an excellent toy for the gift of Christmas 2021?

User’s opinions after using Pooping Flaming

I was convinced to used M&Ms to bribe my kids to pee and poop in the toilet. This shitting flamingo is a billion times better, and I am surprised that parents today have this option. But, I am sure that it can quickly train your child to poop in the toilet.

I highly recommend that the parents try this pooping flamingo during the poopy training of their kids. It will be helpful in pooping training and make their hands free.

That is the time to teach their kids “how to learn from others.”

Best of Luck!

What Color is Flamingo poo?

Flamingo poop is the same grayish-brown and white as other birds poop. However, when flamingo chicks are young, their poop may look orange, but this is due to the processing of the yolk they lived off in the egg.

If we talk about the poop of flamingo toy, it comes to the color of the feed. If the meal is black, then the poop of the flamingo is black, but the toys company try to make a realistic feel to their respective users to provide the light brownish color poop and feed with the flamingo.

Who makes the pooping Flamingo?


Sherbet is the founder and creator of pooping flamingo. He made this toy to help the parents. The design of this toy is to teach the children how to do poo in the toilet. The toy flamingo develops the insert of the kinds to do the poo in the bathroom by singing its hilarious song, “Uh Oh, Gotta Go.” After playing with this toy, kids understand that it’s essential to do the poo in the toilet as their flamingo toy does in its pot. Therefore, you just put this toy in the bathroom, and then your kind learns to do the poo in the toilet.

New Gotta Go Flamingo Review 2021

Oh-ho! The flamingo’s New Gotta go! A funny interactive pet experience from Best Poop Toys 2021 online.

Specification of a Flamingo

  • The brand of the flamingo is Little Live Pets.
  • Choking Hazard
  • Additional Accessories of one flamingo is, it has one Toilet, one Strainer, one Straw (Aqua Sand), one Instruction Manual.
  • It is the same as you see on the television.
  • It’s assembly requirement in partial.
  • Rechargeable and replaceable batteries used in the flamingo
  • It is a Shopkins character.
  • It is lying in the Plush And Soft Toys categories of toys.
  • Its gender is Unisex.
  • Material using in this is ABS 42.11%, PVC 11.04%, C-PP 5.75, POM 4.26%, PP 26.47%, ELECTRONICS 3.78%, IRON 5.01%, POLYESTER FABRIC 0.88%, PAPER 0.7%
  • It’s also singing the song “Uh Oh, Gotta Go!” by its musical speakers.
  • It includes five pieces.
  • Its height is 12.2 inches.
  • Its length is 7.5 inches.
  • Its weight is 28.3495 g
  • Its width is 4.72 inches.
  • This toy is recommended for kids more than the age of four years
  • It also has a different kinds of sound effects according to the flamingo activity
  • This flamingo toy has an installed mic in it, which can also repeat your words link a parrot.
  • It has 3A of batteries


Q: Why you want a flamingo?

This flamingo helps your kids to do pooping in the Toilet

Q: How it helps my kid is pooping?

The pooping flamingo teaches your kid to poop in the Toilet by singing its catchy song “Uh Oh, Gotta Go”.

Q: What is the colour of flamingo poop is?

The poop color of the flamingo is greyish-brown and white as other bird poop.

Q: Is the feed of the flamingo is used once?

This feed is not only used one time, and you can use it repeatedly, take the meal from the pot, put this in the scope, and feed the flamingo again. Its feed is reusable.

Q: How your kid enjoy it during poop?

During the poop, they sing the song of flamingo which flamingo sang doing its poop, which is “Uh Oh, Gotta Go”.

Q: How I found this toy funny?

Even the adult kids loved this thing! I gave one to my granddaughter after she begged me for one after seeing it on YouTube. Easy to use, funny, and the best part is that the flamingo food dries fast and is reusable!

Q: Exactly what I thought would be suitable for my granddaughter?

After reading, the complete article, I analyzed that this helps my granddaughter a lot.

Q: At which age of kid will use it?

Most the user recommend this more than the age of 4 years, but one of your users told us that: All my three boys’ ages of 15, 7 and 3, think it is the funniest toy! I recommend this to all of you.


This Little Live Pet toy is the best teaching toy in the world for kids in the learning phase of doing poop in the bathroom. Children will easily understand to do poop into the toilet by playing with this toy. Moreover, this toy will create and increase the interest of the child in this activity. Your kids start enjoying pooping onto the toilet while singing his hilarious songs “Uh Oh, Gotta Go!” With that, its funny movements and singing a hilarious song will make your kid happy and bring a smile to the people watching.  We highly recommend that you need to buy this pooping flamingo for your kids and get your hands out of the poop training of your child

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