Super Cool Gadgets To Make You More Productive

Every individual today strives towards greatness and that could be achieved with better productivity and focus. But achieving that can be a daunting task for many. There are so many small distractions that can easily help in losing focus. Small breaks in-between work can do wonders but we need something extra. If you wish to enjoy a more productive lifestyle, listed below are some cool gadgets that can be of great help.

Ergonomic working conditions are vital for every employee because we have been working harder than ever. A lot many people spend long hours sitting on their work chair and also burns the midnight oil. However, after a while, the productivity level starts going down because of the body aches and uneasiness. A great solution to that problem is DeskView Lightweight Standing Desk. You can enjoy a refreshing view and also stand on your feet while you work. This way you can gain optimal health levels without lowering your productivity.

2. Sean Woolsey Efficiently Designed Smart Desk

There is not one but many things are needed when we are engrossed in work. However, if we waste valuable time looking for a pen, paper clip, or other things, we might lose a substantial idea that might never strike our brain again. Sean Woolsey Efficiently Designed Smart Desk solves this problem and helps you get more organized. This modern desk is equipped with storage options allowing you to keep every smallest bit and bobs in place. The raised monitor gives you even more storage area.

Almost anything can be done and achieved on laptops and desktops. But sometimes, looking at those things on paper makes it look more real and substantial. It also brings more clarity of what needs to be done further or what is missing. You can make changes on the paper by striking out words or numbers and can do even more. You will be able to do that while you are working only when your device will be connected with Canon Wireless Pixma that are ready to print out anything that you want.

If you are someone who loathes sticking a USB drive into a device, then SanDisk Wireless Stick is just for you. There is no need to plug it into your laptop or computer if you want to share files. If you are old school and like things the old-fashioned way, then you can plug it in. With this stick, you can share your files from a distance on multiple devices at the same time without the internet or wires.

Desk-bound lifestyle is giving you bad posture and various body aches? Are you not able to concentrate on your work because you are too busy thinking about whether you sitting upright or not? Then, Upright Go is the right gadget for you. It can lessen the damage of your desk-bound job. All you have to do is attach it to your upper back and it will vibrate gently to alert you whenever you slouch.

With work, comes stress. If you have been trying to add more projects to your portfolio and enhance productivity, it is natural to feel the stress and tension. When these elements build up in your body, your mind gets cloudy and you are not able to focus on the task at hand. But when you will have this levitating plant holder on your work desk, it will add a soothing and relaxing effect to your space. If you are too tired or can’t focus, take a break and see how this plant floats and rotates 360 degrees. It will help you to bring your energies into focus, relaxing your mind in the wake.

The majority of people need a quiet space to optimally do their work. But construction in the neighborhood building or constant chattering or colleagues can be annoying at times. Not to forget, it all affects the workflow by disturbing the train of thought. If this kind of thing is happening to you a lot lately and lowering your productivity, then it is time for you to invest in high-quality earphones or earbuds. You can choose noise-canceling ones or normal earphones that allow you to listen to music. Just plug them in and focus on your work solely. If lyrics of a song are too distracting, switch to a piece of meditational or instrumental music.

How many times it has happened that you were too engrossed in your work that you forgot to drink your coffee or a cold beverage? Many times probably! Getting up from work station to get another beverage is time-consuming and also disturbs the working pattern. Luckily, there is a smart way of keeping your beverages cold or hot for extended periods of time. A beverage warmer/cooler device is ideal and can be easily plugged into a laptop or computer’s USB port. It will start warming up or cooling down your drink and will keep it at the right temperature. So, whenever you pick it up and take a sip, it is exactly how you wanted it to be.

9. Online Distractions Blocker

No matter how hard we try to stay focused on our job, billions of web pages available on the internet easily distract us. If you have a habit of mindlessly going onto a site that is not work-related, there is an excellent solution to stop that from happening. An online distraction blocker will block all such sites with the press of a single button. You will be able to use only those apps and websites that are significant for your work. Rest distracting sites will stay blocked for as long as you want to. it is a powerful and handy device that will even work in areas like a coffee shop and helps you to stay focused on the task that you are currently handling.

If you have been using a standing desk to keep your body active and posture correct, then your next purchase must be a floating deck standing desk balance board. This board has been specifically designed for your desk and made so that it can be used while working. It is made of strong material and can withstand your weight throughout the day. The bottom is made using a clever design pattern that helps you retain body balance while activating your core. You will stay fitter and focusing on work will also become easier.

A lot of people are unaware of the fact that air purity and productivity go hand in hand. Yes, you read that right! When you will be breathing your best, you will be able to focus much better. When there are impurities in the air, it can trigger allergies and can also cause breathing problems. Thus, doing your best work will become a daunting task. You can invest in a desk air purifier that will keep your cubicle or working area clean and away from air impurities. Even the smallest of the virus will get eliminated and you will stay happy and healthy. Fewer sick days will result in enhanced productivity and better career growth.

If your work is such that you have to download a number of files and also have to retain them for future references, then it is quite certain that you will run out of storage space soon. when such a thing happens, it slows down work pace. If you are time constricted and have to get the work done at the earliest, low storage space can be painful. One way to stay ahead of such issues is by investing in the Amber Smart Storage Platform. This device allows you to backup data, share and stream as you need. You will have the utmost peace of mind and have the freedom to work at your own pace.

You don’t want your colleagues to disturb you when you are too engrossed in your work? Do you want to draw a line between work and break? Then make use of Luxafor. If you work in an open office environment and there is a lot of distraction, Luxafor lets people around you know when you are busy and when you are free. It connects to your computer via USB cable and the light indicates an important message. Red means that you are busy and green means that you can be approached. This helps in keeping interruptions to the minimum as coworkers know when not to bother you.

There are many ways to enhance productivity and technology has made the efforts more streamlined and focused. You can browse through the above-mentioned items and select the one that best suits your needs. surely, these gadgets will make you more productive and reduce distractions that have been keeping you away from your goals. Bring a change today with the best technology that is available for you to grab.

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